Frequently Asked Questions

 I am an attorney.  How can I help?
Please register to volunteer. Specify the types of cases you wish to accept as well as the manner in which you would like to receive clients.  You can sign up for in-office visits, participate in our limited legal advice clinics, or request that we refer clients directly to your office.  Occasionally the need arises for home or hospital visits to a SAVLP client.  Please let us know if you are willing to help these clients.


What is involved with an in-office visit?

SAVLP schedules in-office attorney visits (2-3 hours) two or three times a week.  The attorney generally is assigned four to six client appointments per visit for assessment, advice, or acceptance.  


I would like to volunteer my services as an attorney, but I do not have the time to take a case now.  Should I sign up later?

Please sign up now. Let us know when you think you’ll be available to take a case. We will record that information and wait to call you.  


Can I make a financial contribution instead of a time commitment?

We welcome all contributions.  Please donate online or mail donations to South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program at 118 North Royal St, Suite 402, Mobile, AL 36602


I am a SAVLP panel attorney. How do I access the attorney only sections of the website?

The 'attorney only' section of the website was created to provide our volunteers with forms. The Alabama Access to Justice Commission created a statewide forms database for volunteer attorneys. For this reason, SAVLP no longer updates the 'attorney only' section. If you volunteer but do not have the log in information, please contact SAVLP.    

How do I volunteer for Wills for Heroes?

We hold Wills for Heroes clinics at least twice a year. Call or e-mail SAVLP to add your name to the list.


I am a paralegal or a Legal Assistant. Can you use my help?

Yes we can!  Paralegals and legal assistants help some of the SAVLP attorneys prepare pleadings.  We also can use your help at the Wills for Heroes clinics.


Can I volunteer if I am not a lawyer or legal professional?

SAVLP has limited space for community volunteers, but we would love to meet you and put your name on the volunteer list.  Please make an appointment to visit the office and learn more about the program.