If you are a licensed Alabama attorney, please join the 885+ members of the bar who donate their time to assist the clients of SAVLP.  You can specify how you would like to receive clients and the subject matters that you prefer.  We will contact you with potential client referrals. Register here.  



Do you have space to post a flyer or display brochures?  A recent survey showed that 80% of qualifying Alabama households did not know that pro bono legal services existed. We would like to publicize our services in all appropriate venues.  Please call us if your agency or office would be willing to post a flyer or display brochures advertising SAVLP services.


Request a Presentation

SAVLP attorneys and staff are available to make program presentations. If you would like someone to speak to a civic, social, religious, educational, or community group, please contact SAVLP to schedule a date.



SAVLP always needs office supplies- pens, copy and printer paper, writing tablets, etc.  We also value the contribution of children’s books for our waiting room library.


Financial Contributions

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support the mission of SAVLP.  Donate online or by sending a check to “The South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program” at 118 North Royal St, Suite 402, Mobile, AL 36602